1. 'Bond 23' Expected In 2011

    By Matt Weston on 2008-11-13

    IGN has today posted a brief video interview with James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson, in which he reveals that the follow-up to Quantum of Solace will likely hit screens in 2011.

    Michael G. Wilson

    Michael G. Wilson

    “I would think that we’d bring it out in two-and-a-half to three years [from] now, I guess. It’s hard to tell until we get working on the script,” Wilson cautioned.

    This news is the first concrete indication of when we’ll be sitting down to watch the yet-to-be-titled Bond 23.

    In other Bond 23 news, Wilson indicated the possibility that Jeffrey Wright may return as Felix Leiter, alongside Judi Dench as M. “We enjoy working with them and they’ve done so well in the parts that I hope they’ll come back.

    In a separate interview on, the producer further hints at Wright’s return.

    “We’re trying to make the continuity work in this series,” Wilson said. “Sometimes you can’t continue … with the same actor playing the same character, but certainly that’s what we’ve done in Quantum of Solace.”

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    “What will happen in the future is pretty difficult to say. I think people really like Jeffrey Wright, they like Judi Dench, and I think if there’s a spot for them in the next film – which, certainly for Judi and probably for Jeffrey – then we’d love to have them back.”

    Wilson also discussed the future role that Quantum might play in the franchise. “We were looking for what might be a contemporary villainous organisation or group of people … and we thought that someone who seems to use illegal methods for monopolising resources around the world and manipulating governments would be a pretty difficult organisation to deal with. They’d be completely international and would look legitimate on the surface.”

    “I think [Quantum] is a fairly good adversary for Bond and maybe we’ll find another figure from Quantum coming out to challenge [Bond] next film.”

    In the IGN interview, Wilson also ruled out a return appearance by old-school Bond baddie syndicate, SPECTRE, which featured in a number of Sean Connery outings as well as On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. “I think SPECTRE was in its own time. [Quantum] are a little more sophisticated than SPECTRE. They don’t necessarily appear on the surface to be villains that take on the traditional things like villains do, like the Mafia. This is much more sophisticated and works at a much higher level.

    The entire IGN interview can be viewed below.

    Work on the 23rd James Bond film is planned to commence in January.

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