1. "I'd love to reinvent Q and Moneypenny."

    By Tim Roth on 2008-11-08

    In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, Daniel Craig commented on possible story ideas and details for Bond 23.

    Asked whether the Bond he portrays would stay monogamic in the next films, Craig said: "We have plenty of time in the next installment to tell that story [of Bond sleeping with women]. We introduced the "new Bond" properly with these two films, so now everything is possible: hollowed-out volcanoes, undersea lairs, characters such as Q and Moneypenny. All this could return to the franchise. I would love if we reinvented these two charachters. But we would need to get the best actors around for these roles."

    In the next question, Craig was asked about the rumours that he asked for a gay sex scene in a future James Bond film. Laughing, the British actor said: "I know that this is an internet rumour and everybody asks me about it. I have nothing against homosexuals and as you may know, I already played a gay man in another film. But I will never ever play a gay James Bond. If that is ever going to happen, I will quit the job."

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