1. Daniel Craig On Continuing Bond's Journey In 'Quantum of Solace'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-11-07

    Daniel Craig recently sat down for an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in Beverly Hills to discuss continuing James Bond’s emotional journey in Quantum of Solace.

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    ‘We started something with Casino Royale,’ Craig said. ‘There was a love story that was a big event. To just sort of brush over it, to make it just a little reference in the next movie, “Oh, there was this girl once …”–it just seemed wrong. Let’s do a sequel. Let’s tie up all the loose ends, let’s find out who the bad guys are, let’s solidify the relationship with M and Felix.’

    Asked if there was one particular moment where he finally felt completely like James Bond, Craig answered: ‘I don’t know that there’s ever going to come a day when I feel like Bond, because … there’s too much movie history, there’s too much that’s gone on that makes it kind of indefinable. Putting on a tuxedo and driving an Aston Martin is always going to help.’

    ‘We did the gun barrel (opening sequence) this time, and that was nerve-racking. Let’s face it: That’s the moment in the Bond movie when you go, “Oh, of course, it’s James Bond.”‘

    Craig continued: ‘On this I met with special-forces people who’ve been very kind and very patient with me, some of whom have been teaching me how to shoot, some of whom have just been giving me advice. I’ve met a few guys who I know are the real deal. I wanted to see how they walk into a room, how they hold themselves. Because, believe me, it’s not who I am. And the idea in Casino Royale is a guy who’s just come straight out of the army, straight out of special services. He’d been on active duty and given this assignment. So I wanted to get a flavor of that. These guys are … I don’t know … the things they’ve seen.’

    The 007 star wouldn’t get into a question about who would win between Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, however.

    He said, laughing: ‘I can’t get involved with this. You know I can’t. Someone asked me before, who would win a fight, Bond or Batman or Bourne? And I said, “Bond would get the other two to punch the s–t out of each other while betting on both of them and having a martini.”‘

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