1. CBN Donations

    By David Winter on 2001-10-12

    CBN, a completely voluntary based site, has hundreds of man hours donated into it every month. And as a love job all of the staff enjoy what they do.

    We're never going to put up banner adverts that get in your way and make the experience less enjoyable.

    However, the cost of running the site is quite high. We thankfully don't have to pay technicians but we do have to pay for our own server. Due to our ever expanding audience our site runs slower so it's time for one major upgrade.

    While we know you as an audience could never pay for that upgrade, and frankly we don't expect you to, we're making an request for anyone who is interested to make a small donation to CBN to help upgrade and maintain our server.

    We're students with a limited income that doesn't meet the demands of the site, this is the reason why we have made this request.