1. Daniel Craig's 'Quantum' Leap

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-28

    The BBC News scored a new video interview with Daniel Craig.

    With the world premiere of Quantum of Solace scheduled for tomorrow evening and advance reviews coming in left and right, it seems like everyone is getting into the 007 spirit.

    When asked about his successful reinvention of Bond, Craig said: ‘The character’s rounded and 90% of his views I can’t go along with.’

    ‘But he falls in love and falls out of love, he struggles with his work, and to get some of those in the movie is just the job. I don’t know another way of doing it–I look to the Flemings for help.’

    In comparing this film to his debut entry as Bond, 2006’s Casino Royale, Craig said the workload was more difficult this time around.

    ‘There was a potential actors’ strike in June or July,’ he said, ‘and because we’d started we had to finish on a certain date, so the pressure was on–we couldn’t stop. If I’d got an injury and we’d had to stop for a couple of weeks it would have really screwed things around.’

    While Craig definitely didn’t escape the film injury-free, the Quantum of Solace still managed to finish exactly on schedule.

    Wrapping up the interview, Craig did offer a glimmer of hope for the dedicated Moneypenny and Q fans hoping for their return to the series in Bond 23.

    ‘We certainly have to introduce them and earn the right to have them,’ he said. ‘You can’t just drop them in. There’s a generation of people who don’t know Bond movies and I want them to watch the movies and understand who those characters are.’

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