1. More on Edward Woodward

    By David Winter on 2000-05-21

    We have more news on The Mirror’s article. First of all before anyone takes it too seriously they are simply a tabloid! Nothing more, nothing less. If that doesn’t say enough they were the first paper to ‘scoop’ the fact that all the James Bond actors would appear in The World Is Not Enough.

    Also the ‘crew member’ who The Mirror refers to has written to us and reported several interesting things. To start off with the working title is not Beyond The Ice. Also he says “Judi Dench has not flatly refused her contract. She has simply postponed it’s signing.” On this topic he says that EON Productions want Dame Judi Dench to return. As for the rumours about Edward Woodward he states they are 100% false. The Mirror told him that they needed a name, he created one and they knew that he did it and had no problem publishing it.