1. Daniel Craig On 007: Completing The Circle In 'Quantum' And 'Royale'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-28

    WARNING: Spoilers

    An indepth interview with Daniel Craig has been posted online at Dark Horizons focusing on the making of Quantum of Solace and what could possibly follow in the future for 007.

    With Quantum of Solace picking up a mere five minutes after the events of Casino Royale, many James Bond fans have been curious as to whether or not Bond 23 will take this approach as well and continue the current storyline.

    Said Craig: ‘I think we’ve finished, we’ve tail ended these. These movies stand up alone. They’re two very separate movies, two stylistically separate movies but we’ve completed the circle in these movies. We can do anything.’

    ‘I’m just applying what I know and with working with someone like Marc,’ Craig continued, focusing on the level of emotional vulnerability seen in Bond this time around.

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Question: How were the stunts this time?

    Craig: We set the bar on Casino so we had to try and achieve and try and make these different but as good. And things have moved on. Special effects have moved on. We certainly didn’t want to make this a more CGI based movie but the plane sequence which insists that we have CGI. I think the freefall sequence was incredible to do because we went and learned to freefall. We had a conversation about the freefall sequence. I was like, “I’ve never seen a good one.” I think they’re always kind of [naff?] There’s obviously people freefalling and then they have a closeup of somebody with a hair dryer. That always seemed to me the way, and they always last about five minutes longer than they should. So I said, “It has to be quick. They have to look like they’re falling out of the plane.” And someone came up with the idea there’s this 200 mile an hour vertical wind tunnel where people go and learn how to freefall and you can do it. So Olga and I went and rehearsed for about a week on it and we stuck a camera, a guy cameraman with a small camera flying with a controller. We had 20 digital cameras around and I think just, you look at it, it was hell, but it looks like we’re falling out of an airplane.

    ‘We know about making movies. But it’s a Bond movie and I think all the subtleties are there which you see: the music, the style, the whole thing, they’re classically Bond. It’s just we’re f–king around with it. It’s enjoyable to do, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get more – – I feel now we’re in a situation where I do genuinely believe we can have a submarine base in the next one. I’d love it. We could. Now that’s going to be printed. “We’re going into…”‘

    When asked whether or not a new master villain organization such as SPECTRE was being created (Quantum, perhaps?), Craig said: ‘Well, I think we’ve set that up. There could be. I genuinely, I don’t like films that tie everything up at the end. I like an open ending. I want an audience to go away asking those questions and hopefully they’ll continue asking those questions into the next movie we do.’

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Question: Talk about going toe to toe with Olga during shooting?

    Craig: Well, there’s obviously a story about vengeance in this story but actually Bond isn’t on a mission of vengeance. I mean, he’s angry, he’s pissed off and all those things but actually he ties into this title which seems to work better and better the more I talk about it. He wants to find his quantum of solace. He wants to find the peace within himself because he lost somebody. Actually, Olga’s character is on a mission of vengeance and that’s why he can step back and say, “Okay, I’m going to help you out. I’m going to help you get your goal but understand I don’t think it’s the right thing to be doing. I think you’re going to screw yourself up.” In fact at the end of this movie, he gets the one man who’s most responsible for Vesper’s death and he doesn’t shoot him. So Olga’s character I just think is, there’s strength in it. Just like Gemma’s character, Fields, is so great because they get together and it’s lovely and it’s a bit of fun and it’s not because she gets killed.

    As for the early-stage reports that Quantum of Solace would feature an abundance of comedy (based off of some deadpan jokes made by Craig), he said: ‘I mean, I’m sorry. I probably say stupid things in interviews sometimes but I’m not nailing anything down. People kind of want to know exactly what’s going to happen in the next movie and I don’t know. Is there room for more comedy. Yes, there’s room for more comedy.’

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