1. Daniel Craig's 'Quantum of Solace' Expectations

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-27

    Three brief video interviews with Daniel Craig have been posted by Movie Maniacs TV through YouTube.

    Speaking about his second time around as 007 in Quantum of Solace the actor explained his expectations for the 22nd James Bond film.

    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    ‘To feel secure about where this is going,’ Craig said. ‘To feel secure that Bond is in a really healthy place. That we can be proud, as I am, that this is still this British character that still exists and still carries on. [The audience] will be blown away I hope because this is very intense. We’re not leaving a lot of time for people to breathe in this movie.’

    Craig also explained his approach towards stunts in the films, especially considering the level of action that comes with a Bond adventure.

    He said: ‘Traditionally, it’s always been that that’s what actors always do. You take movies back to Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin and that, you know, that’s what those guys did. They didn’t have doubles. They were the ones falling out the windows. They were the ones with the house falling on top of them. And I kind of feel that there’s a tradition there that if I can physically do it, I should be trying to keep up with that.’

    ‘I wouldn’t touch this [role] unless I could explore the character,’ Craig continued. ‘Otherwise this would have no interest to me. But let’s not get it wrong: this is a James Bond movie. This is not a deep, deep down psychological study of the human being. This is James Bond and there are certain rules that apply to this man. As far as he’s concerned, he’s the best at what he does and there’s nothing that can stop that.’

    ‘What I’ve always liked about it and what certainly comes through in the Ian Fleming books that here’s a man that believes that and then all the time gets knocked back. And it’s how he deals with that that’s interesting. How he deals with adversity; how he deals with being put down because he does get put down.’

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