1. Bond 20 Goes Under The Working Title of Bond XX

    By daniel on 2001-10-08

    Just a short bit of news here. Shocktroop22, webmaster of, has let us know

    Pinewood Studios, the traditional filming location of the Bond films, has updated its website’s “latest news” section (link below). Included in their report is a project underway by Eon Productions named: “Bond XX”. Although this has already been confirmed (on JamesBond.Com) filming begins in January. James Bond Will Return!

    You can view the page yourself at

    It's interesting that it's been titled as 'XX' rather than '20'. A very nice move. We're not sure if it's actually being used by EON Productions though, perhaps just Pinewood. You can discuss all this in the Bond 20 Forums in this thread where ShockTroop22 first let us know of the news!