1. Daniel Craig Talks 007 On Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-25

    The James Bond parade on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross continues.

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    Following up the recent appearance by Sir Roger Moore on the show to promote his recently released autobiogaphy, My Word is My Bond, the featured guest for last night’s episode was the current 007–Daniel Craig.

    Starting the interview off with an action-packed clip from Quantum of Solace, Ross quipped: ‘I think you’ll find that ticks all the boxes.’

    Still stuck in the sling he’s had to wear to other recent Bond interviews and events, Craig explained the situation and was then asked what locations around the world the 22nd Bond film visits: ‘We went to Panama, we went to Chile, we were in Italy, we were in Austria, London, um, that’ll do.’

    When the buzz surrounding the film’s title was brought up (no surprise there), Craig explained: ‘It’s always difficult process trying to figure out what it will be called. We had Casino Royale–we had the book, there was no argument there. It comes to this and we wanted to try and remain faithful to Ian Fleming and there’s this story about Bond having a discussion with this retired general about falling in love and the fact that when you fall in love, you fall out of love because there’s this one bit in the relationship that if it’s not there, it’s all over; and he calls in the quantum of solace. A little bit of peace, a little bit of calm.’

    There’s much more, including some rather interesting ideas for what Bond 23 will eventually be titled, Craig’s 40th birthday and what does during his breaks from Bond.

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