1. What The Hollywood Reporter Had To Say About Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-10-07

    Yesterday we revealed information from Variety on James Bond 20. You'll recall some of the information that Variety reported seemed strange. The involvement of Mandalay Pictures, the casting of Darcey Bussel who admitted her 'stake' on Bond was only an April Fools Joke, Alaska and Washington as filming locations.

    Zencat, who provided us with the original Variety article, has now provided us with this information from The Hollywood Reporter;

    I tracked down a copy of last Tuesday’s The Hollywood Reporter (10/2/01) and in their production charts was a listing for “James Bond #20”. But their listing was quite a bit different from Variety’s and much more in lines with what you would expect.

    1. Location-wise there’s only reference to the film “shooting in the United Kingdom.”

    2. There is no mention at all of Mandalay as a co-producer and the listing correctly identifies Eon as “Eon/Danjaq, Inc.”

    3.There is no mention of Darcey Bussell. Also, Purvis and Wade are listed as the screenwriters as is casting agent Debbie McWilliams.

    It's very different from the Variety report, which failed ot mention that Purvis and Wade have written the first draft.

    That's all for now. Stay tuned for more news or visit this thread in the Bond 20 Forums for more details and a great discussion! Finally, a big thanks to Zencat for dropping that news off in the forums!