1. SPOILERS: The Original 'Quantum of Solace' Cliffhanger Ending

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-21

    WARNING: Spoilers

    It appears that Quantum of Solace was perhaps not always destined to be the shortest James Bond film ever.

    Jesper Christensen is Mr. White

    Original Quantum of Solace ending featured Jesper Christensen’s ‘Mr. White’

    In an article posted at Reelz Channel, director Marc Forster has spilled details regarding his orignal, cliffhanger ending for the film.

    Speaking at a publicity press conference, the Swiss director said: ‘There was a scene after where the movie ends now. The movie felt sort of complete with Bond finding his “quantum of solace.” If I would have kept the scene, then producers wouldn’t have had a choice but to make it a trilogy. Now they can start new. They have that opportunity.’

    Forster went on to say that the deleted scene runs over a minute in length and is currently planned to be included on the Quantum of Solace Blu-ray/DVD release (which is expected around March 2009).

    He said: ‘Let’s put it this way: Bond encounters Mr. White at the end of that scene,’–hinting perhaps that Mr. White, first seen in Casino Royale may have an integral role in the Quantum organization?–‘You wouldn’t have had a choice at the end of that but to follow that lead.’

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