1. Variety Reveals Information On Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-10-06

    Zencat has posted a scanned image from today's (10/5/01) issue of Variety. Variety, as Zencat points out, not like the IMDB — their info comes directly from the company and tends to be accurate. However, there is some strange information in this news:

    Titled 'James Bond 20' by Variety it will apparently be produced by both EON Productions and Mandalay Pictures. Mandalay is Peter Guber's (of BATMAN fame) company at Paramount. Why are EON Productions co-producing Bond 20? Zencat points out this could very well be a mistake.

    Variety also reveal some filming locations. Washington, Alaska, England and Ireland.

    And aside from the usual cast who else is starring in Bond 20? Darcey Bussel! Does that ring a bell? She is the principal ballerina of the Royal Ballet in London. But she also has been mentioned with connections to Bond 20 before. Back in April this year rumour spread around the Internet that Bussel would be the new Bond girl, the only thing is that Bussel put the news on her official website on April 1, April Fools Day. Days later she admitted it was an April Fools Joke. So why is she now connected?

    Could Variety have possibly got some infrotion wrong? We've never heard of the Mandalay Pictures involvement before but Washington, Alaska and Ireland have all been long rumoured as filming locations. We'll do some investigation and let you know more as we find out. As Zencat points out in the forums Variety "post every Friday. We'll see if any changes or revisions are made to this listing next week." If there are we'll let you know, and if we find out anything beforehand you'll be the first to know!

    Until then be sure to visit the Bond 20 Forums, we're Zencat started this thread. You'll be bound to hear speculation, opinion and news there!