1. Kelly Brook Asked To Audition As Bond Girl

    By daniel on 2001-10-04

    The news that actress and model Kelly Brook has been asked to audition for the role of the new Bond girl appears to have originated from an interview between Kelly Brook and Maxim Magazine and is currently circulating throughout the media. Ananova reported this;

    Kelly Brook has been asked to audition for the new Bond girl.

    She says she will give the role serious consideration if Pierce Brosnan
    agrees to return as James Bond.

    Kelly told Maxim magazine: “Before I would have been unsure, because
    Bond girls tend to disappear without a trace straight after the film’s
    release, but now I’m more interested.

    “It depends if Pierce Brosnan is in it. He’s such a great Bond you know
    it’ll be a good film. You know what they say – never say never.”

    The news about Brook, pictured above, has been circulating throughout other news sources as well, Bond 20 Forum user 007_Fanatic reports having heard the news on either "BBC News or GMTV". As for which edition of Maxim the news appears in, I'm yet to find out. However, the official website makes no reference to it.

    This news appears similair to that about Arnold Vosloo who revealed during an interview recently he was being considered for the role of the Bond 20 villain. Of course, this news is a lot more ambiguous as the interview never actually reveals if Brook was asked to audition for Bond 20, and it definetley doesn't mention who asked her. For all we know it could be her parents.

    News is scarce on the topic at the moment but we'll tell you more as we find out. Until then visit this thread in the Bond 20 Forums where people are discussing Kelly Brook (pictures included!). Feel free to leave your own opinion.