1. DVD Box Set To Be Released In The US

    By daniel on 2001-10-03

    Last Wednesday we revealed some news about the new DVD Box Set to be released in the United Kingdom. We'll today we're back with more news, it seems the box set is headed for the United States! Forum user Walther sent us in this report about the Box Set being released in the United States.

    It’s Walther. I was at a local Best Buy over here in the States and I asked them about the box set and they said they should be getting it around mid-October. From the pics I saw of the box and DVD art, this is going to be a must have. But over here, it will be running around $300+.

    For those of you who are disappointed that the box set won't be released without the DVD's, that is you can't just buy the box, there is always the online petition asking MGM to release it separately. Or you can just buy an alternate box set as James Page pointed out in the Collecting 007 Forums. You'll have to visit the CBn Forums to find out more details but it retails at $50 and is made of aluminium.

    A big thanks to Walther for sending in the news!