1. All-New 'Quantum of Solace' Footage Hits The Net

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-14

    WARNING: Possible Spoilers

    Three new video reports have appeared on Swedish websites today featuring never-before-seen footage from Quantum of Solace and new interviews with the star of the show, Daniel Craig.

    New footage (although bits and pieces have shown up in the two trailers) includes, James Bond with Felix Leiter, a brief dialogue scene with Agent Fields, Bond and Camille in the Ford Ka chase, plus an extended look at the truly action-packed finale which features Bond against villains Dominic Greene and Elvis.

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    ‘Last time, it was a huge success, so now we have to try and repeat that success. So one problem gets replaced with another,’ said Craig with a laugh.

    When asked how he was handling being a much more public figure resulting from his debut appearance as Bond in Casino Royale, Craig said: ‘I knew that would happen so I accepted a certain degree of it. The only thing that I dislike intensely is when it bothers my family and my friends, that’s what really gets me.’

    ‘I get a kick out of it,’ Craig said on the topic of the dangerous stunts that have become a hallmark of the Bond films. ‘It’s important that when we pull back to a wide shot, the audience sees that it’s me. I’m not up there taking risks. I’m up there having rehearsed the stunts for a long time before to I do them.’

    As was the case with Casino Royale though, Craig wouldn’t make any bets on the predicted box office business and public reaction to the film.

    ‘I can’t [predict] what the public will say. All I can say is that I’ve seen the film now, I’m very proud of it, I think it works brilliantly next to Casino Royale, it looks beautiful and Marc Forster’s done a wonderful job. Beyond that, who knows? It’s in the hands of somebody else now.’

    ‘We took on [Quantum of Solace] and a lot of things changed. We got a new production designer, a new director, a new costumer designer… We shot on location more on this film than any other Bond film–we were in Panama, we were in Chile, we were in Italy, we were in Austria. It looks extraordinary, this film. I don’t think it looks like any other Bond movie.’

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