1. Daniel Craig Strives For Success In 'Quantum' Stuntwork

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-10-04

    If you followed the production of Casino Royale from start to finish, then it should come as little surprise that Daniel Craig is willing to push himself the extra limit to ensure a good James Bond film is made.

    That holds true for Quantum of Solace too, according to a new Daily Mail article.

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell spoke about what went into one of the film’s action-overflowing sequences where Bond chases after a rogue MI6 agent, Mitchell across the rooftops of Siena, Italy.

    ‘We use wires as safely when we’re doing jumps; we don’t use them to exaggerate the shot,’ he said. ‘If Danel can only jump 15ft, that’s how far you see him jump. He falls 50ft off scaffholding during this sequence, for real.’

    ‘Daniel was pretty proficient at stunt work after making Casino Royale, but in this film we’ve pushed him even further.’

    Director Marc Forster also spoke about this key sequence: ‘The roof chase was one of the most important elements in the opening section of the film. We shot it at Pinewood and in Siena.’

    He continues: ‘There’s a bus jump towards the end of the sequence–it was very expensive and dangerous to film, but we couldn’t work out any other way for Bond to cross over the street to Mitchell.’

    ‘Daniel Craig is willing to do just about anything to get a good shot,’ added second unit director Dan Bradley. ‘In Sienna, there were always several leaps across streets and alleyways from four- and five-storey rooftops, and Daniel did them all.’

    ‘He even dropped 20ft onto the top of a speeding bus. It’s very impressive.’

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