1. 'The Shadow War': Mission Six

    By Matt Weston on 2008-10-03

    The penultimate mission in the first ever James Bond alternate reality game, The Shadow War, is here!

    British and Soviet spies should have received their briefing via email this week…

    This week you need to get across the Austrian Alps, without being caught and using as many different modes of transport as necessary. Whatever it takes, but you’re on your own and there are enemy agents on your tail. Did we mention that the clock is ticking?

    Recruits will have also received the first details on next week’s mission – the culmination of the entire Shadow War game…

    IMPORTANT NOTICE:Wed 8th October 5pm in London
    Log in LIVE to the dramatic live finale of The Shadow War where the SIS will be up against the OGPU. You’ll need all your skills, and Charlie Higson will be sending you live video messages! All will be revealed so be there.

    It’s not too late to sign up for the Shadow War, the innovative Young Bond alternate reality game, based on Charlie Higson’s bestselling novels. Simply head over to the official Shadow War website to register.

    Keep watching for all the latest developments regarding Young Bond and The Shadow War.