1. The September Spoiler-Free CBn Podcast Has Arrived!

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2008-10-02

    Dear, dear Podcast listener,

    It was a hectic month trying to catch Blofeld’s Cat in our last video podcast.Evan Willnow
    Paul Dunphy He went a bit rampant, so we asked you lovely people to track him down and write into us listing all the times you caught him making mischief.

    In exchange for spotting his anarchic appearances (of which there were eleven) we offered you an iPod Nano in a colour of your choice.

    Want to find out who won? Oh you do, don’t you?

    Well, the winner hasn’t been notified yet and they will only find out by listening to this month’s offering. Clocking in at almost 45 spoiler-free minutes, I present—for your consideration—the choicest cuts from the Quantum of Solace news joint, all the latest literary vegetables and a special feature on the Quantum of Solace video game. Which is like the gravy I suppose.

    What? Oh, right. I suppose I should probably list the appearances of that damn cat. Well, here goes:

    1. 0:00 – On the “Quantum Of Zardoz” poster; wearing red crossed belts on his chest and red underwear.
    2. 0:15 – Grabbing the Sean Connery mask I threw away.
    3. 1:03 – Dictating to Ian Fleming, who is tapping away at his typewriter.
    4. 2:41 – Emerging from the sea behind Ursula Andress sporting a pair of Daniel Craig-esque swim trunks.
    5. 4:44 – Showing his face during the trailer countdown. Between the 6 and the 5.
    6. 8:42 – Posing with Duran Duran.
    7. 13:06 – Dancing in the CyberShot screen with Anatole Taubman.
    8. 16:25 – Looking quite mean inside the gunbarrel circles/zeroes.
    9. 21:32 – A sneaky peek over a building on the left side of the screen.
    10. 32:48 – Messing around inside an iPod Nano.
    11. 34:04 – Fumbling about wearing the Sean Connery mask he took in the beginning of the podcast.

    Did you get them all? A bit like Where’s Wally isn’t it? Don’t forget to show us some love on iTunes if you haven’t yet, or write to me, about anything and I’ll be sure to say hello to you on the next one (assuming you don’t type utter drivel). Hope you enjoy the podcast!

    Until next month,


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