1. Daniel Craig Finds Solace In Unconventional Bond Film Title

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-28
    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    Echoing similar statements made in January of this year when Quantum of Solace was announced as the title of the 22nd James Bond film, the Telegraph reports that Daniel Craig has again thrown his support behind the rather unusual selection.

    In a new interview with GQ magazine, Craig states he’s a clear supporter of the title. ‘I was involved in making the decision,’ he says. ‘Names were coming out, some ludicrous stuff was going back and forth–I can’t remember exactly, but you know the sort of thing: “The Blood On Your Face”. I knew I didn’t want “death”, “die”, “bleed” or any of those things in the title.’

    ‘We had it written down on boards and we’d literally go and sit in rooms and stare at this title. If you look at ‘Q’s, they’re really weird in a title.’

    ‘As soon as it came out, people were saying, ‘Ooh, it sounds like Harry Potter.’ No, it’s Quantum of Solace. I was saying, ‘It’s a Bond title! The name of a Bond film is not about anything. Live And Let Die? Octopussy? What does it mean? It means very little. We’ve got nothing to worry about.’

    And if it wasn’t the odd Bond title that the media was focusing on, then the so-called ‘Bond curse’ had a dedicated share of followers as well. As many readers are well aware, Quantum of Solace had it’s fair share of on-set accidents, including an Aston Martin DBS swerving off a road into Italy’s Lake Garda and a serious car/lorry crash just a few days later.

    Other minor events in comparison, such as Craig injuring a finger, also made the news.

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig is James Bond in Quantum of Solace

    In the GQ interview, Craig angrily dismissed such claims. ‘The thing about the Curse of Bond is that it’s offensive, really. Let’s be honest,’ he said. ‘There’s a risk to everything we do and we have literally the best people in the world who do this and every precaution is taken to minimise the risk, but there is a risk.’

    Referring to the injured stuntman, Aris Comninos, who was airlifted from the car crash in Italy, Craig added: ‘He was in a very bad way. We had a helicopter standing by with paramedics because that’s the way it works every time we do a sequence like that. And they literally saved his life.’

    ‘It was horrendous and the only thing that matters is that Aris is getting better. It knocked everybody, as you can well imagine. But taking my finger as part of a “curse”–that’s offensive. This is what we do, this is what happens, but it gets magnified and completely taken out of context.’

    Of his own injuried sustained during the 007 production, Craig waved the issue away. ‘It’s exactly what happens every time you do something like this. You get your finger trapped or your face split open… I had a boo-hoo, but it’s amazing how the human body can repair itself. I lost my fingerprint so I can now commit all sorts of crimes with that finger. I look forward to that.’

    The GQ interview will be available from this upcoming Thursday, 2 October.

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