1. Additional 'Quantum of Solace' Worldwide Release Dates Announced

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-27

    Since’s last update at the beginning of the month, a few changes have occurred relating to the worldwide release dates of Quantum of Solace.

    Three new dates have been added to our complete listing for the 22nd James Bond film:

    • Japan – 24 January 2009
    • Vietnam – 14 November 2008
    • Ethiopia – 7 November 2008

    This newly announced date for Japan will make it (up to this point) the last territory the 007 film will open in.

    In addition, the release dates for Peru, Singapore and Thailand have changed slightly. View our continually updated worldwide release date listing for all the details.

    Stay tuned to the main page for most up-to-date and complete coverage of Quantum of Solace.