1. Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7 Website Launched

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-25

    Following up the initial announcement that Coca-Cola was partnering with Quantum of Solace to introduce it’s double-0-inspired ‘Zero Zero 7’ limited edition bottles, the tie-in website has now been launched.

    Featuring trailers for the 22nd James Bond film, Activision’s upcoming 007 game and the Coca-Cola advertisement featuring the Jack White-Alicia Keys title theme “Another Way To Die”, the site also offers ’56 Days of Bond Prizes’ for visitors.

    Visit the official website for details on how to enter in for a chance to win.

    Limited edition glass bottle launched to celebrate the release of the hotly anticipated new Bond movie – ‘Quantum of Solace’

    ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ gives new meaning to the term Zero Zero 7 as it launches a limited edition bottle to celebrate the release of the twenty second Bond film, Quantum of Solace. The nations own ‘bloke coke’ has been dressed to thrill with its very own special design Quantum of Solace bottle available exclusively at Harrods as a part of its Bond promotion (RRP £1.50 for 330ml).

    The Bond bottle is set to be the ultimate men’s accessory this autumn, adding a debonair touch to any man-about-town’s look without having to don a tux! The sleek black design mirrors the edgier portrayal of Bond that Daniel Craig has brought to the role as the sixth actor to play James Bond.

    The design of the bottle draws inspiration from the iconic James Bond gun barrel sequence, which has opened every Bond movie since the franchise began in 1962. The design features the infamous gun barrel, along with the trademark pose of Bond with gun-in-hand, plus sexy silhouettes of Bond girls which will leave blokes both shaken and stirred!

    This bottle will prove to be a must-have collectable for any bloke or Bond fan.

    Bobby Brittain, Brand Director, Coca-Cola Great Britain explains: “This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the phenomenon that is James Bond. Our iconic glass bottle for ‘Coke Zero’ lends itself perfectly to a Bond style accessory, the infamous curves of the bottle are the perfect complement to the legendary Bond imagery and a fitting way to mark the release of the film.”

    The launch of the limited edition glass bottle celebrates the announcement that Coca-Cola Great Britain has teamed up its ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ brand with Sony Entertainment and the biggest franchise in motion picture history, James Bond 007. This is the first major collaboration for the ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ brand on an international stage since its successful launch around the world in 2006.

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    The ‘James Bond Coke Zero’ limited edition bottle is available from Harrods, London, from late October 2008 and is priced at £1.50.

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