1. David Arnold Gives Verdict On 'Another Way To Die'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-23
    David Arnold

    David Arnold

    James Bond composer David Arnold has weighed in on the newest title theme addition to the series, the Jack White-Alicia Keys duet “Another Way To Die” for Quantum of Solace.

    And the verdict?

    ‘Even from the first draft, I loved the atmosphere of it more than anything. You know, it’s got a kind of dirty, ugly, but very kind of sexy feel to it. I think when you see the song at the point in the movie where it comes, everything kind of fits in and makes sense and you go: “oh, OK”.’

    Arnold was featured during the music news segment of the BBC 6 Music show Nemone yesterday, 22 September.

    Jack White

    Jack White

    In addition to his words of praise for the 007 theme, Arnold also briefly brought up Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse Bond collaboration that ultimately fell through.

    ‘It’s a shame,’ he said, ‘because I think she’s extraordinary and also I think she’s very funny and a lovely girl.’

    “Another Way To Die” has been met with a wide assortment of opinions amongst Bond fans, ranging from absolute adoration by some to boycotting by others. Click here to view the latest results of a Forums poll on the theme.

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