1. Forster Reaffirms He's Not Returning For 'Bond 23'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-23
    Director Marc Forster

    Director Marc Forster

    Director Marc Forster has again said that he’s not planning on returning to the 007 series to direct what will be Daniel Craig’s third film as James Bond, the currenty-titled Bond 23.

    Speaking to a Cinematical correspondent at last week’s fan Question & Answer session in London, Forster expressed his wish to move onto a smaller project following Quantum of Solace.

    ‘At this point I’d rather go back to doing something smaller,’ he stated, ‘you know, it was a good experience and they’ve been very generous in saying I would love to do the next one with you, but it’s just, you know, it takes like a long time and it’s exhausting and I think it’s important to live life as well and, you know, but I did enjoy it, yeah.’

    Forster was asked the question earlier this year and said ‘no’ at the time as well, saying that if he was ever to direct a film as large-scale as the Bond prodcutions, he would want it to be apart of his own franchise that he himself created.

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