1. Daniel Craig: Back For 'Bond 23' And The Next Few After That

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-23
    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    Daniel Craig is James Bond

    WARNING: Spoilers

    Barbara Broccoli had some reassuring words for fans of Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond at last week’s fan Question & Answer session in London.

    The producer confirmed that Craig would be back in Bond 23 and the ‘next few’ films after a correspondent from Ain’t It Cool News brought up the topic of an existing story arc in the current Bond films.

    With news that the Quantum group represents a kind-of modern day SPECTRE organisation, many 007 fans have been wondering which story lines in the Craig era would continue on from Quantum of Solace to Bond 23.

    Broccoli said: ‘This is a continuation, but I think the story kind of completes here. I think you know we had a lot of unanswered questions at the end of Casino Royale, and this story just kind of completes that cycle and will go on to other different stories from now on.’

    'Casino Royale'

    James Bond and Vesper Lynd

    Craig also emphasized this point, stating: ‘I think we all felt that there was something started, and I think that the Vesper Lynd relationship, which I think worked really well in the first one was such an important part of it that it would just be… and it’s not a criticism, but sort of just laying some flowers on a grave wouldn’t have worked. It needed to be kind of dealt with, and hence the title that everybody’s a little bit confused about, but it’s very simple. It’s just about a kind of closure. It’s more than that but that’s what we felt we kind of thought; we thought, no, we can’t leave this alone we have to face this off so. And there was sort kind of cynical “Oh, let’s make a sequel that comes 10 minutes after.” When we sat down and started talking about it, it just was just like, “This is what we should do; we should absolutely just finish this story off. So next time, we can start it wherever we want to start it.’

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