1. 'The Shadow War': Mission Four

    By Matt Weston on 2008-09-17

    Attention: James Bond fans! Your fourth Shadow War mission is here!

    From today (Wednesday 17th September), there’s a new mission. You’re headed to a bookshop in Lisbon where all is not as it seems. Do you have the intelligence and skill to work out what?

    Check your inbox for more details.

    It’s not too late to sign up for the Shadow War, the innovative Young Bond alternate reality game, based on Charlie Higson’s bestselling novels. Simply head over to the official Shadow War website to register.

    Last week’s mission saw British and OGPU spies headed to London’s Docklands to identify an elusive ship. The mission required fans to consult their copies of the recently-released By Royal Command to find a hidden codeword (The Young Bond Dossier has the scoop for non-players and the curious).

    But there are 20 – and only 20 – copies of the book somewhere out there that have a different codeword. If you’re holding a lucky copy of By Royal Command, then let us know on the Forums.

    To date, none of the 20 copies have emerged online, so be sure to check yours!

    Keep watching for all the latest developments regarding Young Bond and The Shadow War.