1. 'Quantum of Solace' Shifts To 19 November Release In Australia

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-05
    Picture: Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig is James Bond in Quantum of Solace

    In what has quickly become par for the course, another international release date for Quantum of Solace has changed.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film will now be released on 19 November in Australia, one week ahead of the previously announced 26 November date.

    The Bond move results after 20th Century Fox decided to move Nicole Kidman’s Australia to the 26 November weekend.

    Cinema executives were relieved with Sony’s decision to move 007 up a week and put some space into what will likely be two of the biggest blockbusters in the region.

    ‘I don’t think it makes an awful lot of sense to have two movies of that size opening against one another,’ said the managing director of the Greater Union cinema chain, Ross Entwistle. ‘It makes for a healthier market if there’s a gap between movies of that scale.’

    In related release date news, two other shifts have resulted in delays for the film. Quantum of Solace has been shifted to 21 November in Spain and 14 November in Mexico (the film was previously slated to open in 7 November in both territories).

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    Time will only tell if that’s the last of the release date shifts for Quantum of Solace. Just keep your eyes on the CBn main page for all the latest details.