1. 'On The Tracks Of 007' Travel Guide

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-08-24

    As several James Bond fans may be well aware, Martijn Mulder’s On The Tracks Of 007 website has quickly become a one-stop online guide to the exotic locations featured in the world of Bond.

    Today, reports the exciting news that this unique travel guide will be debuting in book format this September. The press release follows:

    Dutch 007 connoisseur Martijn Mulder has written a unique field guide to the exotic James Bond filming locations around the world. Four time Bond director Guy Hamilton contributed a foreword for the book, which is published by DMD Digital and is scheduled for release early September. Filled with historical background information, travel directions and location photographs, On The Tracks Of 007 brings you as close to the filming locations as you can get, enabling you to relive your favourite James Bond scenes AND travel the world within the turn of a page.

    Together with his co-author, the late Dirk Kloosterboer from Germany, Mulder spent many family holidays researching, finding, mapping out and photographing all the locations ever used in the James Bond films. These–often spectacular–findings were turned into 30 detailed travel stories and for many years formed the heart of one of the longest running Bond related websites on the Net, With Bond mania about to peak (the release of the new Bond film Quantum of Solace is later this year), Mulder edited the stories and 665 photographs, presenting a one-of-a-kind field guide that will definitely please fans, travellers, film buffs and adventurers from around the world.

    “No Bond fan who’s thinking of visiting any of the countries in which 007 has had adventures should be without this indispensable guide!” says Graham Rye, editor and publisher of 007 Magazine, “Where the Bond traveller may once have wasted many valuable hours in an effort to locate the various film locations in whichever country, Martijn Mulder and Dirk Kloosterboer’s exhaustive work has lifted that burden from all 007 holidaymakers, making their trip to that country even more enjoyable.”

    On The Tracks Of 007 is available with either B/W or full colour interior and features travel stories to exotic destinations like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico, Japan, Egypt, Thailand and India, and cities like Paris, Hamburg, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. The 288-page book lists all used locations from Dr. No (1962) to Casino Royale (2006) and includes information on the latest Bond film Quantum of Solace (2008). Additionally, a full listing is included of all hotels ever used in the Bond films.

    Early September, On The Tracks Of 007 will be available at and online resellers like and, but can of course also be ordered at local book stores worldwide.

    Visit On The Tracks Of 007 for cover artwork and additional details about this forthcoming release.

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