1. Swatch Introduces The 007 Villain Collection

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-08-05

    While Omega might be James Bond’s watch of choice, Swiss watch company Swatch is catering it’s newest line–the 007 Villain Collection–to fans of the numerous Bond baddies.

    The official press release follows:

    Dr. Swatch Plays Bad Guy
    to Bond, James Bond

    Has Swatch gone over to the other side? In a surprising and provocative move, the mischievous maker of Swiss fashion watches has aligned itself with the enemies of the world’s most famous gentleman spy. “We’ve discovered the dark side of the myth,” said Nicolas G. Hayek, also nicknamed Dr. Swatch. “And we love it. It’s absolutely fascinating.” To avoid any possible misunderstandings, the notorious inspirator of the plastic Swiss watch hastened to explain his intentions: “James Bond would not exist in Ian Fleming’s novels and all the Bond films if strong, powerful villains were not also there. The villains and their henchmen play a crucial role. And if Bond is alive and well today, it is thanks in no small part to the inspiration and enduring power of his enemies.

    Indeed, the fascination with Bond’s adversaries has inspired an entirely new collection, due for release in early September. The Swatch 007 Villain Collection is a tribute to the entertaining villains who light up the dark side of twenty-two James Bond films, from Dr. No to the forthcoming Quantum Of Solace.

    The Swatch 007 Villain Collection evokes the most memorable of Bond’s adversaries. Who can forget these outlaw heroes, armed to the teeth and dressed to kill? From stylish Dr. No with his metal hands to Oddjob and his deadly bowler, they’re villains Bond fans love to hate.

    Swatch is no stranger to special outlaws, in sports for example, and their borderline behavior. The brand is a prominent supporter of outstanding athletes and performers in the special “outlaw” free-style disciplines that test the limits of the sporting experience. From Geraldine Fasnacht to Mat Rebeaud, free-style skiers, X-boarders and free runners, Swatch embraces all special “outlaw” performers.

    The Swatch 007 Villain Collection pays tribute to outstanding outlaw actors, too: Christopher Walken’s malevolent Max Zorin deserves his stylish Retrograde; Gerd Froebe’s Goldfinger gets a massive, golden Irony THE Chrono; Lotte Lenya’s Rosa Klebb wields a pair of knuckle-dusters welded to an Irony Lady. And in homage to Casino Royale, poker-faced master of malice Mads Mikkelsen (alias Le Chiffre) takes an Irony Big with an Ace of Spades. There’s more, of course, but the curtain won’t rise on the Villains for another few weeks…

    Wrapping up his comments with a mischievous smile, Nicolas Hayek, founder and head of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watchmaking group, put on his corporate hat: “OMEGA is James Bond’s watch of choice, but real, interesting villains prefer Swatch.”

    Keep watching for all the latest James Bond collecting news.