1. Next Villain Could Be Played By Character-Actor

    By daniel on 2001-09-04

    This report has surfaced on Dark Horizons today and much like Garth says, it’s potential rubbish. But he finds something believable in it and you want to read all the news don’t you? Well here you can, but I do warn you this is only a rumour and not a very popular one. So expect this to be one of the rumours that doesn’t turn out true. But you never know!

    I’m always keeping an eye out for news and rumors for the next 007 flick, and I’ve heard a sort of interesting piece of news/rumor. Despite who I heard it from, I think it’s common knowledge that any news of the next James Bond picture at this point should be taken lightly, because things are always changing with these projects. While at the airport, I spotted James Bond head honcho Barbara Broccoli. I had to approach her, something that’s always sketchy for the traveling famous. First of all, I have to say that she’s pretty polite, unlike some things I’ve read about her. Anyway, I stirred up my guts and asked her what might be going on in the future of 007, and she said that a script is in the works, but a title was still being decided (of course).

    It’s the 40th anniversary of the screen Bond, and the 20th Bond itself, so it’s supposedly going to go back to a little bit of it’s Fleming roots. Anyway, to wrap it up with her (I think this annoyed her) I asked about what I wanted to know about, the villain possibility. It seems that, for the first time since 1989’s Licence to Kill, that they want to go with a non-British villain who’s bent on controlling the world through a nuclear meltdown. They’re trying to write a criminal who in the tradition of Fleming’s Blofeld, uses his wits more than his arsenal. I asked what actor they were considering, and she said she’d like to see someone a “little older than the average actor/villain role,” to show the years of expertise, “a good character-actor type. I like Lance Henriksen”. I have to say this choice blew my mind, and I think he could be an excellent villain given good material, but as I said, nothing is set in stone with these pictures.”

    Henriksen is of course the American actor who starred in Chris Carters ‘Millenium’ and also as John Milton in Scream 3. Would he really be considered for a villain role in Bond 20? Well he’s a strong enough actor.

    All in all it’s a confusing report, it’s not the first style report that has surfaced on Dark Horizons though. My memory goes back to a time when someone spoke to Michael G Wilson at an airport. The question I’d pose to their tipster is how did he know what Barbara Broccoli looked like? He’d have to be a pretty die-hard fan. In my time I’ve only seen one photo of her, whereas Wilson we’ve seen many times in the films.

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