1. 'Second-rate James Bond games a thing of the past'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-07-25

    Treyarch Studios, the company responsible for developing Actvision’s Quantum of Solace for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, clearly has high hopes for the return of James Bond to video games.

    According to a report at MCV, the company is hoping that Quantum of Solace will mark a return to form after some of the more disappointing releases from Electronic Arts (EA).

    ‘We’re not trying to fix anything EA did wrong, because that’s just what they did,’ explained Quantum of Solace executive producer Garrett Young.

    He added: ‘I’m sure the series pissed off a lot of gamers over the last few years as the games started to go downhill, but we have no control over that.’

    ‘The pressure we feel is more about launching this franchise in the right way. We know that you only have one chance to make a really great first impression, and this is it.’

    ‘We hope Quantum of Solace the movie will be very successful. Casino Royale was tremendously successful so I expect this film will do well, too. And I’m confident that our game will do great on the back of that.’

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