1. 'Quantum of Solace' Video Featurette #4 Hits The Net

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-07-24
    Picture: Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig is James Bond in Quantum of Solace

    The fourth official video featurette for Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond film, has hit the net today.

    Running for roughly two-and-a-half minutes, the video features interviews with cast and crew including, Daniel Craig, Marc Forster, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, and others. Furthermore, viewers get another behind-the-scenes look at some of the film’s sequences.

    Watch Quantum of Solace Video Featurette #4 Online

    ‘There’s all this sort of stuff that goes around when making a Bond movie,’ Craig starts off. ‘You know, we made a very successful movie last time and everyone’s going to be looking to this one to see what the outcome is.’

    Craig continues: ‘That puts a lot of pressure on a director. I know it puts a lot of pressure on me, but our only criteria is that we have to make a good movie that we can look back on in ten years time and go: “we’re very proud of it”.’

    Director Marc Forster

    Director Marc Forster

    ‘You set the tone as the director’, states Marc Forster. ‘You try to create the magic, but then the vision of the film as you set it; the locations you choose, the casting you do, how you work with the actors suddenly overtakes you and you become alive and almost flow within that.’

    ‘You have this enormity of different locations, of action, of all these things to do and achieve in a certain amount of time and you just have to take it step-by-step. I’m not really think about the end, I’m thinking about the moment I’m shooting today.’

    ‘His real ability is storytelling,’ remarked Craig on how Forster has approached this Bond film. ‘Having someone at the helm who’s controlling how we emotionally enjoy the movie is a big weight off my mind.’

    Olga Kurylenko is Camille / Mathieu Amalric is Dominic Greene / Gemma Arterton is MI6 Agent Fields

    Gemma Arterton, who stars as Agent Fields in Quantum of Solace, offered similar praise for Forster’s directorial style.

    ‘Working with Marc has just been brilliant,’ she said, ‘he let’s you do what you do as an actor, which makes you feel really confident and you can put your own little mark on things.’

    ‘It’s a James Bond film, but it’s a Marc Forster film also,’ said Mathieu Amalric (who stars as the villainous Dominic Greene). ‘Anything can happen, you know, the work is alive and fresh.’

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    Olga Kurylenko (Bond girl Camille) agreed as well: ‘You know, I can imagine how much pressure he has because he’s the director. And he’s just always being so calm.’

    ‘Marc is the type of director who likes to get it out of the studio and go to real locations to capture the atmosphere there,’ added producer Michael G. Wilson.

    And if Craig’s concluding comments are anything to go by, it appears that Quantum of Solace will certainly continue the massive success that 2006’s Casino Royale sparked: ‘I’m incredibly excited by what we’ve done. I look at the trailer which we’ve just finished and I think we’ve got something really special.’

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