1. Corgi James Bond 'Mission Arsenal' Gadgets Available For Pre-order

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-07-23

    Back in February of this year, first alerted readers of the several upcoming James Bond figures and gadgets from die-cast model company Corgi.

    The company, who has since been purchased by Hornby, revealed it’s line of 007 ‘Mission Arsenal’ at the 2008 UK ToyFair and now some of these items are starting to appear at for pre-order.

    Scheduled for release on 29 October in order to capitilize on the Bond mania created by the theatrical debut of Quantum of Solace, the line-up includes:

    • Nano Surveillance Camera (view)
    • Pen with UV Ink Revealer (view)
    • Crypto Decoder Device (view)
    • MP3 Comlink Set (view)
    • GPS Hideout Tracker (view)
    • Secret Sender Cell Phones (view)

    So far, two of the Bond gadgets have appeared on Amazon:

    James Bond ‘Mission Arsenal’ – Pen with UV Ink Revealer
    Retail price: $14.99

    • New James Bond technology
    • Cool for older kids
    • Attractive to younger kids
    • Includes pen with invisible ink Cartridge and message revealer with backpack clip
    • Nothing is what it seems, in the world of Bond products

    Order the Corgi Pen with UV Ink Revealer from

    James Bond ‘Mission Arsenal’ – Crypto Decoder Device
    Retail price: $19.99

    • New James Bond technology
    • Create secret text messages, with one touch message encoding using real-world PDA styling
    • LCD display and cell phone keyboard, multiple decoder keys create agent specific messages
    • Insert decoder key, type message, encode, remove key and pass to agent for future decoding
    • Includes message encoding, decoding devise and 3 accessory decoder keys

    Order the Corgi Crypto Decoder Device from

    Keep watching for all the latest James Bond collecting news.