1. 'John Barry – The Man With The Midas Touch' Slated For Autumn '08

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-07-20

    Back in April of this year, reported that John Barry – The Man with the Midas Touch, a book celebrating the work of the famed James Bond film composer, had been delayed from it’s original 2007 release date.

    Today we can announce that the release information has been updated and fans can look forward to John Barry – The Man with the Midas Touch in Autumn 2008–to coincide with Barry’s 75th birthday.

    Full details regarding what to expect have been published at

    Whether or not you purchased John Barry – A life in Music, ten years ago, you can look forward to a book that has been thoroughly re-written and completely updated. We have spent a lot of time on the picture content and this too has been extensively updated and includes a good selection of rare photos, both colour and black and white.

    There are approximately 300 pages including two photo sections of 16 pages each of colour and b & w. In addition to this, a photo introduces each of the thirty chapters, and, of course, the discography has been updated to include everything that’s happened since 1998. It’s a book that does full justice to a glittering career.

    We want to emphasise that this project is basically a self-publication in that we have commissioned a publisher to act on our behalf. All the work has been done by a team of dedicated Barry fans, much of it voluntarily.

    Therefore, we want to encourage as many as possible to order (and therefore pay for) the book now, even though it won’t be available until October/November. Of course, there will be a discount if you do this–we don’t expect anybody to pay in advance purely for our benefit!

    The book will retail at £19.99 ($39.99) but for those wishing to pay in advance, the cost will be £14.99 ($29.99)–a saving of 25%!

    Order John Barry – The Man with the Midas Touch at

    007 fans best know Barry for his work as composer on the scores for 11 James Bond films, starting with 1963’s From Russia With Love and finally ending with 1987’s The Living Daylights.

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