1. The Third Anniversary CBn Podcast is Here

    By The CBn Team on 2008-06-30

    Three years.

    No, I can’t believe it either, but it was on the 30th June 2005 when Evan Willnow—The Sergeant of Soul—first introduced the Podcast to Bond fans the world over. Evan Willnow
    Paul Dunphy

    Since then, not too much has changed… Apart from the podcasts are now three-and-a-half times the length, they are now available in Enhanced Video format thanks to Evan’s WILLNOWVISION, Rich Douglas has composed more music for us, Michael McCormack has since joined the team and submitted music for me to waffle over and now I have taken over the talking bit from the Sergeant.

    This month however, we hear Evan’s smooth tones once more as he presents a tribute to the late, great Richard Chopping and provides us with his review of Devil May Care. As usual, I do my duty and fill you in on the latest from Quantum of Solace, bring you up-to-date with all the skinny on the literary 007 and report back on the centenary frivolities in London. I also can’t seem to get Anatole Taubman’s name out of my head either…

    The Third Anniversary CBn Podcast is additionally laden with the beautiful birthday messages you sent me; so to hear if your entry made the cut, download it right now, cherub! (Details on how to, as usual, are below).

    Lots of love,


    (P.S. I survived my parachute jump by the way, thanks for asking. There’s still time to donate if you’re feeling generous.)

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