1. 'The Battle For Bond' Second Edition Now Available

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-06-25

    As reported earlier this year, a second edition of Robert Sellers’ The Battle For Bond, was set for release this June in the UK. The book has now been released and can be ordered online at

    Initially banned by the Ian Fleming Will Trust this past February for its alleged use of copyrighted material, this new second edition removes the images of the various correspondence during the Thunderball trial (many of which had never before been published).

    Due to the removal of several images (and thus a lower page count), this second edition of The Battle For Bond retails for a much more affordable £9.99. It also includes a brand new introduction by spy novelist Len Deighton, who was involved with the Kevin McClory-Sean Connery James Bond script in the late 1970s.

    The official blurb follows:

    In 1963, Ian Fleming, the creator of the 20th century s greatest fictional character was in court, accused of plagiarism. The screen version of James Bond was not Fleming’s creation. It was the creation of Jack Whittingham, who was employed by maverick producer Kevin McClory to adapt the character to the big screen. Had this screen character never been developed, James Bond might have been just another minor fictional spy character. The Battle For Bond is a tale of bitter recriminations, betrayal, multi-million dollar lawsuits and even death. It is the fabled story of Kevin McClory’s 40 year legal battle over the rights to the screen version of James Bond, which he and Whittingham had created. The first edition of this book was banned by the Ian Fleming Will Trust. But the truth never dies! This second edition features a new foreword by Len Deighton.

    A brilliant page-turner with all the qualities of a thriller, this is easily the best film book of the year. –Film Review

    Robert Sellers dedication and thorough investigation into this Bond story results in a book that is a must for any serious fan of the franchise. –Cinema Retro Magazine

    The most important book ever published about the evolution of Ian Fleming s James Bond… a must read! –Graham Rye – 007 Magazine

    Click here for’s interview with author Robert Sellers.