1. Titan's James Bond Lives On: 'The Girl Machine' Coming In 2009

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-06-16

    It seems that the illustrated James Bond is going to be sticking around.

    Two months ago, it was disappointingly revealed that publisher Titan Books had put their final two 007 collections, The Girl Machine and Nightbird, on the backburner indefinitely due to licencing and copyright issues.

    Now, it appears that at the very least, those issues surrounding The Girl Machine collection have been straightened out as this title is currently available for pre-order at, with a US release date scheduled for 3 March 2009.

    In addition to the title story, the Girl Machine collection will also include Beware Of Butterflies and The Nevsky Nude stories. All three were penned by Jim Lawrence and drawn by Yaroslav Horak and originally syndicated in 1973/74.

    A UK release date is yet to be announced for this specific collection.

    Details regarding the Nightbird collection–which will bring together the final three stories in Titan’s James Bond collection–remain yet to be announced.

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