1. James Bond's 'Little Nellie' Heading To Norfolk And Suffolk Aviation Museum

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-06-13
    'You Only Live Twice'

    You Only Live Twice

    ‘Little Nellie’ will soon have a new home.

    The popular autogyro from Sean Connery’s fifth James Bond film, 1967’s You Only Live Twice is to become the star exhibit at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation museum in Flixton–reports EDP24.

    Designed and flown in the 007 film by Wing Commander Ken Wallis, the autogyro is currently part of the ‘For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond’ exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.

    Following his career in the RAF, Wallis invented the autogyro and has sinced set 34 world records with it. ‘Little Nellie’ is apart of his collection that will be going on display at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation museum.

    ‘They do a splendid job at the museum,’ said Wallis. ‘It is a great honour and a pleasure to be involved with them.’

    ‘Little Nellie will be there, with the cases she appears to come out of [as featured in You Only Live Twice]. Her sisters will all be there.’

    A planning application has also been submitted for an extension which will be bigger than one the museum already has permission for. Museum chairman Ian Hancock said: ‘The Ken Wallis collection is of international importance. Thousands of autogyros have been built to his design. It is worth saving for the nation and for Suffolk.’

    ‘The collection has a high value, especially Little Nellie, but it is the sentimental value and the importance of the collection that we value. He just wants to make sure his collection is saved for the nation and is not broken up. Obviously we are grateful but we would rather not have it, because we want him to live for a long time.’

    The Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation museum is open Sunday to Thursday in summer, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday in winter. Admission is free.

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