1. Villains To Drive Jaguars

    By daniel on 2001-08-28

    If we’re to believe ‘The Sun’ the villains in Bond 20 will drive Jaguars to compete with our secret agent James Bond. While forum users such as Boldman have pointed out that The Sun isn’t the most reputable of sources there is a possibility of this news being true.

    Jaguar is owned by the Ford corporation, as are Aston Martin. You’ll recall the bike chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies featured Bond and Wai Lin being chased by Range Rovers. Rover are owned by BMW who supplied the 750i and the R1200 bike, both used by Bond.

    With that in mind the link between Aston Martin and Jaguar could quite easily see Bond being hunted by a Jaguar. To join in the active discussion visit this thread in the Bond 20 Forums where Tim Roth told us all of the news from The Sun. Feel free to make suggestions as to which model Bond should be driving!