1. 'Ian Fleming's Secret War' Declassified

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-06-03

    Following up the revealing of the cover artwork a few days ago, can now report what will be found on the pages of Craig Cabell’s upcoming book, Ian Fleming’s Secret War.

    As earlier suspected, the book will center on the activities of the James Bond creator and his role with the 30AU (30 Assault Unit)–a unit he set up during World War II in 1942, while he served as the personal assistant to the director of naval intelligence. It’s goal was to undertake top secret intelligence-gathering missions, going in before Allied troops to make sure vital information was not destroyed.

    In an article published earlier this year, Cabell stated that the unit served as inspiration to the ultimate creation of 007. He specified one particular soldier, Patrick Dalzel-Job, who, it is rumoured, ‘was a crack shot, could navigate a mini-submarine, could ski backwards and had a compass concealed in his button.’

    Ian Fleming’s Secret War

    While his extravagant and glamorous lifestyle is well known, little has been published concerning Ian Fleming’s contribution during the Second World War.

    In the very early days of the War, Fleming was earmarked by the Director ofNaval Intelligence as his ‘right hand man’. From the outset he was in the centre of events, meeting with key political and military figures as well as those of exceptional intelligence, experience and courage. All this was to give him invaluable background when he came to write the Bond novels.

    The author has uncovered through official documentation, private papers and contacts the depth of Fleming’s work in Naval Intelligence. Fascinating insights of those he worked with and details of covert trips to Europe and North Africa emerge.

    Fleming was closely associated with 30 Assault Unit, a crack team of Commandos who took the fight to the enemy. The book reveals both the history of 30 AU and Fleming’s role.

    Ian Fleming’s Secret War is due for release on 18 August 2008. The 224-page hardback, published by Pen & Sword Military, can currently be pre-ordered online:

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