1. Daniel Craig To Be Honoured By Royal Marines

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-06-01
    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig is set to be honoured by the Royal Marines according to report from Yahoo News.

    The James Bond actor is reportedly being lined up for a Green Beret by the British Royal Marines. To receive the honour, he’ll need to complete and pass an endurance test.

    A source at the Royal Marines training centre in Lympstone near Devon, England, said: ‘We were the ones who took Daniel to the press conference when he was revealed as the new James Bond [for 2006’s Casino Royale].’

    ‘He was great–a really good guy–and he was very appreciative of our work. He supports the RNLI (Royal Navy Lifeboat Institution) and is very interested in the Royal Marine Commandos too.’

    ‘We’re trying to get him down here to do one of the Commando tests so he can get his honorary Green Beret. It’s just about trying to find the time. He’s so busy.’

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