1. Part Of Bond 20 To Be Filmed In Alaska

    By daniel on 2001-08-24

    What a news time,! Aston Martin, the supposed script, it’s all happening right now. But it’s time to revisit an old rumour. It’s old news that part of Bond 20 will take
    place in Alaska. It first came across my desk back in
    mid-2000 when ‘The Mirror’ announced the replacement
    of Dame Judi Dench with Edward Woodward. Needless to
    say those rumours have since been dispelled. It was
    also The Mirror that told us that Bond was going to
    Alaska. So is he? Stefan Zürcher seems to think so.

    Zürcher, who has worked on On Her Majesty’s Secret
    Service, The Living Daylights, GoldenEye and The World
    Is Not Enough revealed in an interview with the Swiss
    TV Show Top OF Switzerland (SF1) that Bond 20 will
    “…will be shot partly in Alaska.”

    With Zürcher’s connections to Bond that could seem
    like good information, however, my good friend Tim
    Roth from reports that
    Zürcher’s interview was dated the 3rd of March 2001,
    making the news fairly old now.

    And while it’s better late than never, were Bond 20
    locations being scouted as early as March 2001? Quite
    possibly. So there is a strong potential for a ski
    sequence in Bond 20, and it seems that this sequence
    could be filmed in Alaska but not necessarily set in

    With filming to begin in January it shouldn’t be long
    now until we find out more! If you know any more
    details please e-mail them to me at
    [email protected] or discuss this in the Bond
    20 Forums