1. Radio 4's Ian Fleming Centenary Celebrations Begin

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-05-23

    As earlier reported on, BBC Radio 4 is planning to celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming with an array of different 007-themed programmes in the next few days.

    Beginning tomorrow, ‘The Bond Correspondence’ will kick things off at 10:30am. Here, Lucy Fleming embarks upon a quest to discover more about her mysterious uncle and creator of James Bond–Ian Fleming.

    The second programme (also scheduled for the 24th of May) is an all-star dramatisation of Fleming’s Doctor No. Toby Stephens stars as 007 and David Suchet is the villainous Dr. No in the first ever full radio adaptation of Fleming’s 1958 novel.

    The third, scheduled at 8:00pm on 26 May is ‘James Bond, The Last Englishmen’. Here, Professor David Cannadine argues that the Bond novels are a fantastic response to the moment when Britain lost an Empire but was still struggling to find a role in the new world.

    To keep track of these upcoming programmes, visit the special Ian Fleming section on the Radio 4 website.

    Further details on the Bond programmes follow below:

    Ian Fleming

    Ian Fleming

    ‘The Bond Correspondence’

    Saturday 24 May 2008
    10:30-11:00 (Radio 4 FM)

    Lucy Fleming embarks upon a quest to discover more about her mysterious uncle Ian, creator of James Bond. Archive letters and conversations with people who knew him, including his wartime girlfriend and stepdaughter, reveal a rather different character to the image portrayed in the press. Roger Moore plays Ian Fleming’s voice.

    ‘Doctor No’

    Saturday 24 May 2008
    2:30 (Radio 4 FM)

    By Ian Fleming, dramatised by Hugh Whitemore

    A celebration of Ian Fleming’s centenary with this ‘radio movie’ of his 1958 novel.

    Bond is sent to investigate a strange disappearance on the island of Jamaica, and discovers that the heart of the mystery lies with a sinister recluse known as ‘Dr No’.

    • ‘M’ …… John Standing
    • Moneypenny …… Janie Dee
    • James Bond ……Toby Stephens
    • The Armourer …… Peter Capaldi
    • Chief of Staff …… Nicky Henson
    • Airport Announcer/Receptionist/Inika …… Leigh Wright
    • Airport Official/Pus-Feller/Henchman …… Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
    • Quarrel …… Clarke Peters
    • Miss Chung/ Sister Lily …… Kosha Engler
    • Pleydell Smith …… Samuel West
    • Miss Taro/Telephonist/ Sister May/Tennis girl …… Jordanna Tin
    • Librarian …… Lucy Fleming
    • Honey Rider …… Lisa Dillon
    • Guard/Henchman/Crane Driver …… Jon David Yu
    • Dr No …… David Suchet
    • Acting Governor of Jamaica …… Simon Williams
    • Voice of Ian Fleming …… Martin Jarvis

    Music by Mark Holden and Samuel Barbour; producer Rosalind Ayres; director Martin Jarvis.

    ‘James Bond, The Last Englishman’

    Monday 26 May 2008
    20:00-20:30 (Radio 4 FM)

    As part of the Ian Fleming centenary, Prof David Cannadine sets James Bond and his creator in their historical context. He suggests that Bond was popular not just because he was sexy and suave – he was seen as a consoling fantasy for a country that had lost an Empire but not yet found a role in the world.

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