1. Tamahori Will Direct & Casting News

    By daniel on 2001-08-22

    While denying the fake Bond 20 Script that has floated around the net recently EON Productions have also revealed some further information on James Bond 20.

    Lee Tamahori was all-but confirmed as the director recently by Variety. EON Productions have now confirmed that Tamahori is on board the project as director has already begun work on it;

    New Zealand-born Lee Tamahori was on board as director and had started working on the film…

    Also revealed was a small note on the casting for the film,

    She said casting should start in the next couple of weeks and they hoped to start shooting in January next year.

    Bond 20 should is almost in full swing. And there’s just over four months until filming begins! You can discuss Tamahori and the decision to hire him as the director in the Bond 20 Forums! And yes you can discuss anything Bond 20 related in there as well! There’s already a discussion in progress in this thread. We’ll see you there!