1. Bond 20 Plot Debunked By EON

    By daniel on 2001-08-22

    It’s plainly obvious now as to why Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net didn’t publish and script excerpts, because the script was always considered a fake. We admit, there were some elements that made us comtemplate the validity of the script, but c’est la vie.

    Reuters have revealed;

    LONDON (Reuters) – It sounded like a dastardly plot from a James Bond movie — an unknown spy infiltrates Hollywood, steals a blockbuster script and reveals all on the Internet.
    But just like a typical Bond villain, a Web site that claimed it had the details of the next film about British secret agent 007, has failed in its mission, the producers said Wednesday. They dismissed the supposed plot outline as pure fantasy.

    The Bond fans’ Web site,, which is dedicated to providing information about the 20th film in the series, said it had seen the script for next year’s movie which it said would be titled “Final Assignment.”…

    But the Bond film production company said the plot was the product of a fan’s overactive imagination and had left them neither shaken nor stirred.

    “It’s fabricated. We have spoken to the producers about it and I’m afraid it’s a fan who’s done a James Bond script — it’s not ours,” a spokeswoman for Eon Productions told Reuters.

    The script fiasco began on another Bond 20 site, Bond20.Com, when they published excerpts of the script several weeks ago. Today they commented, “We still announce it’s a first treatment for the movie. The script was sent to us by someone close to Danjaq. This person wanted to keep anonymous, what we respect.”, sticking by their guns and claiming the script came from a respectable source.

    Personally, I’m glad this whole saga is over. This site had been investigating the people who claimed to have ‘stolen’ the script, all avenues of research had so far concluded that the script was false. But now we know.

    Bond 20 @ CommanderBond.Net stands by their original claim that the script is fake. We personally feel that none of these elements will appear in the next film. We could be wrong, but we doubt it!

    You can of course discuss this in the Bond 20 Forums, which would be greatly appreciated. There are plenty of topic threads floating around about the script and they are a fascinating insight into how this mystery unfolded. And don’t forget to check out Zencat’s latest thread, Why Fake A Screenplay? where we’re all discussing why someone would want to possibly write such an extensive and fake screenplay!