1. Different Challenges For Daniel Craig's Second Turn As James Bond

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-05-15
    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    Casino Royale may top the charts when it comes to success with the critics and box office in the 007 series, but as Daniel Craig has pointed out several times before, that only means a greater challenge in making the next one even better.

    Speaking from the Quantum of Solace set at the floating opera stage along Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria, Craig spoke to MSN Movies about making his second James Bond film as good as possible.

    Keeping The Momentum

    ‘There was never a point where I punched the air,’ Craig said of the worldwide success of Casino Royale. ‘The movie worked, but I did everything I could to make my part in the movie work, so there is no kind of, “See, I told you so.” I kept on saying, “We make the best movie we can,” and thankfully that worked.’

    Continuing in this vein for Quantum of Solace was one of the film’s unique challenges, according to Craig. ‘I just try to apply the same rules as last time, and hopefully that will work out,’ he said.

    The actor mentions he ‘jumped’ upon first hearing Marc Forster, who was then know for his success with films like Finding Neverland and Monster’s Ball, was on the shortlist of directors.

    ‘I want the audience to be involved with the characters,’ Craig continues. ‘The action and the explosions, everything that goes along with the Bond movies, they can be taken care of, but I want the audience to be pulled in and involved.’

    New Faces And Possible Returns Of Familiar Ones

    Picture: Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig is James Bond in Quantum of Solace

    Along with Forster’s own vision for 007, Craig applauds the other new talent that has joined the series, including production designer Dennis Gassner and Roberto Schaefer (the latter having been a longtime associate of Forster). ‘I’m a huge fan of the early Ken Adams’ films,’ said Craig, ‘because they looked stunning. That’s much more what I want to do.’

    And while Q and Miss Moneypenny will once again be absent from this Bond film, Craig did point out this could change in the future.

    ‘The answer is ‘No’ at the moment. We’re not going back,’ Craig said. ‘It’s not that we’re avoiding it; it’s just that this story hasn’t taken it on. I’d like to bring those back in, but we have to be intelligent about it.’

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