1. 'Quantum' Cast And Crew Soundbites From Bregenz

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-05-14

    The official Quantum of Solace EPK website has been updated with cast and crew soundbites taken during the press day at Bregenz, Austria earlier this month.

    ‘We’ve done two months in Central America, we’ve been down to Chile, spent quite a lot of time in Italy and here we are in Austria,’ begins Daniel Craig.

    ‘This is amazing,’ he says refering to the nearby floating stage set which plays a key role in the film. ‘It sort of just gets better and better every day.’

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    On working with director Marc Forster, Craig could only offer praise. ‘[He’s] been essential for this movie. I mean, having him involved, for me, it’s just been a huge weight off my mind because we had a very strong story going in Casino Royale–a journey–and Marc’s storytelling ability is just second to none.’

    When asked exactly what brings James Bond to the opera in the film, Forster explained: ‘It’s basically Bond following someone to the opera, it’s not that he’s going to the opera. So he follows Greene, the villain, to the opera and is trying to figure out what is going on behind the organization that Greene is involved in.’

    Director Marc Forster

    Director Marc Forster

    ‘He’s been so great,’ said Bond girl Olga Kurylenko on working alongside Craig. ‘You know, it’s been so helpful to work with someone who’s done that before. He’s done the previous Bond, so it wasn’t new for him, while for me it is.’

    Like Craig, Kurylenko had similar kind words for Forster: ‘He’s a very sensitive person. That’s why I think his movies are very touching. It’s great that they took a director like that for Bond because suddenly it’s not only an action movie, but it becomes something more personal and touching. It’s beyond action.’

    Anatole Taubman was also on hand to speak about the latest addition to henchman in the 007 series: Elvis.

    ‘Elvis is Dominic Greene’s associate, cousin, family, tapestry who makes him shine and perform in the best way possible to save the world,’ said Taubman. ‘So Elvis is here to play to the king. And my king is my family member, Dominic Greene. [Elvis] is vain, colourful, and self-absorbed. He will definitely–hopefully–make a very colourful tapestry.’

    Head over to the EPK website for additional interviews with Mathieu Amalric (Greene) and Jesper Christensen (Mr. White). A two-minute long B-roll highlighting filming at the Bregenz Festival House near the opera stage. will keep you updated with all the latest news and complete coverage of Quantum of Solace.