1. Ian Fleming Portrayed By Leonardo DiCaprio?

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-05-13
    Ian Fleming

    Ian Fleming

    Leonardo DiCaprio as Ian Fleming?

    It may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of actors who could portray the James Bond creator, but new details regarding an original screenplay entitled ‘Fleming’ could change that. CBn first reported on the script in October 2005.

    The Los Angeles Times reports that DiCaprio’s Appian Way film company recently came on as a producer of ‘Fleming’, an original screenplay by Damian Stevenson that centers on the life of the famous 007 author.

    ‘It’s going to be very different from the Bond films,’ said producer Andrew Lazar, who was an early supporter of the project. ‘There are a lot of different ways to crack biopics, but we’re not trying to emulate a Bond movie … The idea that this guy’s life informed the James Bond character is pretty fascinating.’

    Stevenson first made his sale of the ‘Fleming’ script to Warner Bros in fall 2005, just before Daniel Craig was named the sixth official Bond actor. Several drafts with assistance from Lazar then followed.

    ‘It’s the real James Bond,’ said Stevenson. ‘In England, Ian Fleming’s exploits are much better well known. Talking to people out here, no one had any idea that M was based on a real person, Miss Moneypenny was based on a real person.’

    The latest version of the ‘Fleming’ script begins on the eve of Fleming’s wedding and just before the author’s debut Bond adventure, Casino Royale was published.

    The story also features flashbacks to Fleming’s years as a journalist and then his time as a naval intelligence officer during World War II.

    DiCaprio is reportedly looking to take the script in a different direction with a new writer.

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