1. 'Quantum of Solace' – Official Blog Report #7

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-05-06

    The official Quantum of Solace blog has been updated today with another crew member from the 22nd James Bond film: production sound mixer Chris Munro.

    From Crackle: Blog: Chris Munro

    On location in Panama (where Quantum in February and March), Munro describes his job as ‘being responsible for all the sound used during shooting.’

    ‘During production, I’m the person that’s looking after what happens to the original recordings to the sound: what happens to the actor’s dialogue, all the sound effects, anything that’s recorded whilst were actually shooting.’

    Speaking specifically about filming in Panama, Munro added: ‘One of the problems of course is that it’s a noisy environment. There’s lots of people and it’s a busy city.’

    ‘This is my fifth Bond film,’ continued Munro, ‘but I previously worked with this director, Marc Forster on The Kite Runner, and I know that he hates to have any dialogue replaced. He wants all the dialogue to be original. That’s the way he works. That’s the way he wants the film to sound and that’s what we hope to do.’

    ‘On Casino Royale, we won a BAFTA for best sound, so hopefully this is going to do the same for us.’

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