1. Examining What Went Wrong In 'Quantum' Action Sequences

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-05-03

    It’s no secret that in their quest for a jaw-dropping opening sequence for the 22nd James Bond adventure, the Quantum of Solace production has suffered more than a couple mishaps in the process.

    Most notable among these incidents were an Aston Martin DBS losing control and flying off a lakeside road into Italy’s Lake Garda. The other, occurring only a few days later, involved another one of the cars involved in the chase that crashed after ramming into a filming lorry and then into a nearby wall.

    The latter event was serious enough that filming was temporarily suspended on Quantum of Solace to allow for investigating into the incidents.

    The Times has posted an excellent article in which Joseph Dunns looks specifically at what went wrong during the filming of these dangerous Bond stunt sequences:

    Calamity James: behind the scenes of the jinxed Bond film

    The 007 production has since moved onto filming of different sequences in Austria.

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